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DISASTER SUPPLY PACK: Disaster Supply Bag & Insert w/o Supplies--Disaster Supply Kit w/Insert & Supplies--Disaster Supplies Restocking Kit Only

When disaster strikes are you ready to respond with an organized pack that has numerous supplies for mass casualties?

This pack is designed for treating patients in an open scene environment or in a field clinic situation.

The pack features 16  zippered pockets constructed of heavy clear vinyl and nylon.

The stored supplies are easily visible and accessible.

A variety of pocket sizes allows for supplies to be stored in their original containers or loose.

Three (3) strong plastic hooks and straps allow for the pack to be hung in a tent, from a vechile or wall.

The pack can be stored in the Cordura carrying bag available in five colors that has double zippers for easy access and security.

The carrying bag also has zippered clear label pockets for identification.

Carry bag is available in Gray, Green, Blue, Red and Yellow. Inside supply pack is gray only.

Measures 56" L x 25" W x 4 1/2" D

Weight 98 oz.

Available as Follows:

Disaster Supply Bag & Insert without supplies.

Disaster Supply Kit with Insert and Supplies

Disater Supplies Stocking Kit

Please Specify Color of Bag:  Blue, Gray, Green, Red or Yellow 

Contents of Complete Disater Supply Pack w/Supplies:

2-adult BP Cuffs    2-Stethoscopes   3-CPR Pocket Masks   4-Rescue Shears  

4-Bandage Sheers   2-5 1/2" Straight Forceps   4-Penlights   2-Knifes (folding-serrated)

3-Adult BVM's    1-Box Lg Exam Gloves   4-Bite Sticks   4-Instant Glucose   8-Cold PAcks

6-Burn Sheets   1-Band Aids (100)   6-1" Tape   6-4" Roll Gauze  12-2"Roll Gauze

24-5 x 9 ABD Pads   12-Foil Rescue Blankets  3-Oral Airway Sets   12-Multi-Trauma Dressings

100-4 x 4 Gauze Pads   100-Triple Antibiotic Wipes   12-Triangular Bandages  100 2 x 2 Gauze Pads

100-Antiseptic Towelettes   100-Alcohol Pads


  • Item #: 215-216-215a


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