REDI-IV(TM) PRO PACK (10.25 x 5)
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The REDI-IVTM Pro Pack is equipped to handle ACLS, CCT, and all field conditions requiring an IV.

The pack maintains everything you need for a quick IV setup in one convenient, organized pack constructed from infection control tarpaulin.

The pack organizes IVS, tubing, catheters, and has a transparent window for solution identification.

A velcro strap secures the contents and acts as a pressure infusion device.

The Redi-IVTM is hung using a large webbing loop.

Hypthermia ready

3 Vacutube pockets

IV starter kit storage

250ml-1000ml IV bags

Quick and esay to set up

  • Item #: M5109

REDI-IV(TM) PRO PACK (10.25 x 5)

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