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The introduction of Streamlight's  Vulcan several years ago represented a major breakthrough in flashlight tecnology. It was the first safety approved , compact, waterproof lantern that was big on power. And it still is! Tough as ever, the industrial-duty light is virtually impossible to destroy. struck by falling buildings, heavy equipment and even scorched by fire, the Vulcan keeps on beamig. Plus it's rechargeable, with 3 1/4 hours of run time between charges, making it ideal for the most demanding jobs.


Size: 6.5"H x 5"W x 7.5"L

Battery: Sealed Lead acid

Bulb: Halogen/Spot/Xenon Dual Filament (8WS)

High-density halogen bi-pin bulb, 8 watt spot or zenon dual filament 8 watt safety bulb delivers instant backup beam

8 watt spot provides up to 80,000 candela (Peak Central Intensity), Bulb Lumens: 150 typical

Dual filament 8 watt spot has up to 70,000 candela (Peak Central Intensity) Bulb Lumens: 157 typical

Up to 3 1/4 hours continuous run time per charge

Zero-maintenance 4 1/2 amp-hour sealed lead acid battery is rechargeable up to 500 times

Red and Green LEDs give charge status

Serialized for positive identification

High-Impact ABS thermoplastic housing with rubberized cushioned grip handle, shoulder strap

Waterproof to 100 feet

Weight 3.3 lbs

Available as follows:

Standard Yellow Vulcan Lantern, AC/DC and Charging Rack

Vechile Mount Vulcan Orange, with DC Charging Unit

Vechile Mount Vulcan Yellow, with DC Charging Unit

Please specify unit when ordering


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